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Oregon Real Estate License Holding Company.

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About Us

Realty Referral is a referral company established to allow Oregon licensed Brokers to act as referral agents and receive referral fees from transactions they referred to other active licensees.

Realty Referral is here to assist the new as well as the experienced Broker.

For newly licensed brokers we offer the opportunity to maintain their current job and act as a referral agent. These referrals could originate from co-workers, family, friends or an acquaintance.

The experienced broker may wish to "retire" from the daily servicing of clients and only generate income by referring clients to full time, practicing brokers.

For both, the investment of time, expense, and effort spent in obtaining their license, and possibly establishing a clientele, can be retained by having their license with Realty Referral. This allows Brokers to maintain an active license status with the Oregon Real Estate Agency without paying for marketing or Realtor Association dues to stay in business.

They do not have to maintain an office environment or take listings, do paperwork, show homes, or make appointments. Just complete one simple referral form, then sit back and anticipate the referral fee!

Aerial View of a Houses
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What is Realty Referral?

Realty Referral is:

 1. A place to maintain your active Oregon real estate license without having to pay monthly or yearly brokerage fees.​​​

 2. A legal way for licensed real estate brokers to refer their prospects to other agents.


 3. A means of obtaining income from real estate sales through referrals.


As a licensed broker with Realty Referral, your licensed real estate activity is limited to referrals. Any real estate professional activity outside of that is contrary to the contract. When you complete and submit a referral form to Realty Referral, you will receive a check for a referral fee within 2 business days of Realty Referral receiving the check after the transaction has closed.

Modern Townhouses
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