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Commissions & Fees

There are no fees to hold your license with Realty Referral.

This means you will not have to pay any monthly dues, MLS, desk or transaction fees.

Realty Referral pays brokers an 80/20 split on all referrals.

Potential Earning Example:






Possible Costs:

License Transfer Fee: $10.00

Oregon Real Estate Agency license renewal fee, every 2 years: $300.00

Inactive license renewal: $150.00

(In addition to certified continuing education hours, if necessary)

Continuing Education: 30 hours every 2 years

Costs to Obtain a License:

Pre-license course: $295 (@

Background check: $61.25

PSI license exam: $75.00

License application (good for 2 years): $300.00

Sales Price


Commission 6%


List or Sales Side Commission 3%


Referral Fee Recieved by R/R from Referring Brokerage 25% 


R/R Pays You 80%


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